Compost for your Garden

Spent mushroom compost is an amazing soil conditioner and mulch. It contains gypsum, which improves the structure of your soil, and lime which raises your soil pH.

Organic matter content is central to soil structure, water and nutrient retention in your soil and increases soil biological activity. Spent mushroom compost increases the organic matter in your soil, which is the key to a fertile, productive soil that produces abundant crops of vegetables, fruit and stunning flowers.

Spent mushroom compost has a relatively high pH, so is not recommended for use around acid-loving plants such as Camelias, Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Blueberries.

Compost is available for pick up by the trailer-load or truck-load. Due to health and safety concerns, our site is not open to the public, so pick up is by appointment only. Please call George to arrange.