The Mushrooms

Greendale Farm produces around 2-3 tonnes of white button mushrooms (also known as champignon) per week from climate controlled growing rooms housed in our purpose-built growing shed.

We make all our own compost, from locally sourced natural ingredients like wheat straw and poultry litter, that are by-products of farms and businesses around Canterbury.

We take a great deal of pride in producing beautiful and healthy food by recycling materials from other parts of the food supply chain. The spent compost can then be used as the most amazing soil conditioner or mulch for people’s gardens and other growing operations. This means that our process is very environmentally friendly.

Our mushrooms are hand-picked, graded and packed by a wonderful team of local staff and trucked fresh daily to our sales and marketing partner MG Marketing in Christchurch. From there the mushrooms are distributed to wholesalers, supermarkets and retailers across the South Island.